A Love Story
from Seed to Sprout

The Seed

The seed was planted the moment I saw a kid I went to college with climb a tree outside my dorm.  It was the coolest thing I had ever seen a human do.  A game of cat and mouse was played, who played which depends on who you ask:) That kid was Jon.

We had dates like, let’s buy me sneakers, let’s go climbing, let’s watch me eat ice cream. We had talks like, “I want to get paid to travel and then take people to the places I’ve been and love.” He would say,”I’d like to guide and take people climbing, canoeing, and on overnight hikes.”


We trained and worked on rivers, rocks, and trails from Massachusetts to Maine to Montana. Our plan was maybe a Bed&Breakfast with adventures out our back door.


The drive back from Montana we spoke very little about anything at all because there was something new making roots.  Her name was Cassidy Nancy and she would be born in Feburary! Jonny created a position in a small company, shout out to Andy Rodenhiser, with the potential to support me, Cassidy, rent, Taryn Elizabeth 2 years later, a mortgage, and eventually a pooch we named Maisy.

The Sprout

“Let’s take dogs like Maisy out to places we love and make a little money at the same time.” It sounds like the Bed&Breakfast with adventures out our back door! Homeschooling and giving Maisy and the Camp Maisy Dogs the best dog life became the standard and everything we did and still do must reach and exceed the bar.

Together, Maisy and I interviewed, walked with and hosted almost 400 guests from puppies to seniors. We have worked with a dozen dogs for service through Neads’ Prison Pup Program. Shout out to Andrew! Camp Maisy had/has the honor of providing assisted living to my loves Loosey (DOB 7.9.13, arrived 11.25.13, died 5.14.14 and Holly DOB 6.11.2000, arrived 10.6.13 and died 3/26/16.

Maisy has left her legacy and Camp Maisy to Delight Mother of Pearl.  You would call her Dirty Dee if you saw her after a run on trail:) We met Delight in 2008 when she was 3months old. Jonny knew then she was someone very special. Delight was raised by the same fantastic family we got Maisy from, Miller Gold! Delight had a few babies that we’ve had the honor of hosting and loveing, shout out to Champ and Sadie!!  Delight moved to Camp Maisy June 2014 and Maisy died September 2014.

I operate from the deepest part of my soul out there on trail and back at Camp Maisy.  I thank and honor Maisy, The Camp Maisy Dogs and the Humans that love them.  Thank you for making Camp Maisy a dream come true!


Sandi, Jon, Cassidy and Taryn Manna