Maisy Brady Queen Gazer of Stars

Dec 30, 2003 – Sept 15, 2015

If you stand still long enough you might get peed on

Let’s get together
In all kinds of weather
Scarf and mitts
And pants that fit
Closed toe shoes
With backs for sure
Leash for each dog
No less no more

These are the rules
Break them, that’s fine
But if you walk with Camp Maisy
You better not whine.

We’ll travel an hour or 2 if there ‘s time
Any less wont do
and is considered a crime
You’ll feel quite amazing
when it’s all said and done
The dogs will be dirty
And had lots of fun

Your legs will be strong
Your gut is tighter,
maybe the scale says
you’re a little bit lighter

Make a big water
But leave in the van
You’ll want your pack
as lite as you can

This life may be busy
And at times downright crazy
But I just can’t imagine
life without Camp Maisy