Questions From Me to You 🙂

🐾   Describe your dog’s trail manners.
** Distance between you and them in different situations. If they have ever been out of sight, describe what was going on and how long it was.

🐾   What’s a car ride like?

🐾   Has your dog ever met a skunk?

🐾   Has your dog ever met a porcupine?

🐾   What’s your dog’s prey drive like?

🐾   How much experience does your dog have around cats?

🐾   Describe your dog’s fears and quirks.

🐾   Describe your dog’s exercise and feeding routine and related experiences.

🐾   Describe your house rules for day and night.

🐾   When was the last time your dog counter surfed?

🐾   When and what was the last thing your dog tore up or chewed?

🐾   What makes your dog bark?

🐾   How does your dog behave around “kid energy”?

Questions From You to Me 🙂

❤️   What do I need to pack for my dog?

🐾   Food labeled with brand and enough of it for the entire stay, name and number of a veterinarian, and **name number and address of a local contact who would be able to answer for you or take your dog if he/she needs to be removed from the pack during their stay.

❤️   Where will my dog sleep while at Camp Maisy?

🐾   With the pack and myself inside our home.

❤️   What’s a typical day like at Camp Maisy?

🐾   We walk on trails out our back door, near the rivers in the Groton area, up our favorite New England mountains and for the elite athletes, along the Nashua River Rail Trail.

❤️   How does mealtime work?

🐾   Everyone is fed at the same time in the same area.

❤️   How much do you charge?

🐾   $40-$50 per day. Per day means any part of a day regardless of how much of a particular day.

❤️   Do you train dogs?

🐾   No. Camp Maisy provides a healthy learning environment.

**You will be asked to provide the name, address and contact information of a trusted local if we need to remove your dog from the pack during their stay.